Summary of teaching statement

I have over eight years of experience in teaching organic and general chemistry courses and labs. I am interested in developing modern approaches to chemical education to engage students in the process of learning and generally make chemistry courses more entertaining. I am using evidence-based practices to ignite the passion and enthusiasm for science with my students. You can expect live demonstrations in the class, participation using i>clicker, exercises to develop problem-solving skills and life-long learning. My job is not only to teach content but to prepare students for their future jobs in the new frontiers in collaborative research in STEM fields.

Courses developed and taught in UMass Amherst

Organic Chemistry II (CHEM 262)

I teach this course every semester in large enrollment (250+).

Also, I Developed this course in an online format and have been teaching it through UWW UMass.

General Chemistry I (CHEM 111)

I teach this course in the fall in large-enrollment (250+).


​Bio-Organic, one-semester organic (CHEM 250)

I taught this course in the spring (80+ enrollment).

Also, I developed this course in an online format and have been teaching it through UWW UMass. 

Honor General Chemistry I (CHEM 121)

Honor General Chemistry II (CHEM 122 H)

Organic Chemistry Lab (CHEM 264)

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