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About Me

I am a founding member of the I2LSE (Integrated Introductory Life-Science Education) group in UMass Amherst that has been working on promoting transdisciplinary thinking across the introductory life-sciences curriculum.

Recently, I have been interested in the effective uses of virtual reality and artificial intelligence in STEM teaching and the best way to harness and implementation of these technologies to enhance STEM pedagogy.



Chemical Education Research

Studying the effect of connecting the content across the life-science courses (Math, Physics, Biology and Chemistry) on students' engagement and long-life learning. Creating modules that explicitly establish connections to promote interdisciplinary thinking.

3D printing manufacturing additives

Undergraduate research on developing novel material for 3D printing.


Florida State University, Tallahassee, Fl

Ph.D. in Chemistry


Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon

Maîtres of Science in Chemistry.

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