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Lara Al-Hariri, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer

Director of General Chemistry Division

Secure Electronic Testing (eExam) Coordinator (2013-2020)

Lara Al-Hariri is a Senior Lecturer in the Chemistry Department at UMass with a background in materials, surface treatment, and polymer science. She is an education-focused and a passionate advocate for diversity in the STEM field.

Al-Hariri has a keen interest in creating a learning experience that supports students in developing transferable skills like problem-solving, self-regulating, and metacognition skills. She creates a welcoming learning environment and uses the best inclusive teaching practices in a field that still suffers from a lack of diversity. She is interested in developing and disseminating innovative, evidence-based teaching methods. 

Her excellence in teaching has been recognized with the Distinguished Undergraduate instructor in Honor of Earl J. McWhorter and George Richason (Spring 2019). 

She is a 'Teaching for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity' (TIDE) fellow (2017-2018) and the Student Center Teaching and Learning (SCTL) fellow (2018-2019).

Al-Hariri has an educational research interest in addition to her undergraduate research in 3D printing with the development of new printing materials.

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